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Get Instant Feedback

Conduct your next research project online and obtain real time feedback.

As respondents are completing their surveys you can see results graphed at a macro level, question-by-question, and drill down to individual responses.






Some research projects do not require detailed analysis and reporting. And others may require instant feedback. We have developed a web-based dashboard to take care of that.

As a cost effective alternative to traditional formal reporting, we can provide you with a web-based dashboard that will allow you to access survey results immediately.

This is particularly useful for:

Taking instant action on survey results, e.g. contacting dissatisfied respondents immediately, booking respondents into an event, etc.

Projects where results may need to be disseminated quickly to other departments, locations, etc. Each department can be given a separate login to access their own password protected results via the web-based dashboard.

Ongoing surveys where there is not an "end date". For instance, a hotel may want to get feedback from hotel guests after they have checked out. This is an ongoing process and new respondents are simply added to existing responses. Access to the web-based dashboard at any time will provide the hotel with up to date reporting on results (as opposed to a formal written report which becomes out of date as soon as any new responses are added).


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